3 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Refrigerant

For many households the summer, being without air conditioning is an unthinkable scenario. Nevertheless, there are plenty of problems that could easily sideline your A/C system when you need it most. For instance, a lack of refrigerant can prevent your A/C system from cooling properly. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner may be due for a refrigerant recharge. 1. Lukewarm Air Your A/C system uses its refrigerant to absorb and transfer heat from your home's indoor air to the air outdoors.

Have Damp Air And Gnats? Your Problem Could Be Your Air Conditioner

If you think the air in your house seems overly moist while the air conditioning is running, and you have gnats around the house as well, the problem could be the air conditioner. The air conditioning unit is supposed to remove humidity from the air, to prevent moisture from becoming a problem, and if there is an internal problem there could be insects living inside the unit. Here are some of the things that you want to do to get to the bottom of your problems, and to get the unit functioning properly.

Tips For Your First Winter With A Heat Pump

As a homeowner going through your first winter with a heat pump, it's important that you understand what to expect. After all, heat pumps aren't your typical HVAC system. Since your heat pump may surprise you with some of the things that happen during cold weather, it's important to be familiar with its operation. Here are a few things you should know now before the cold weather leaves you confused or concerned.

How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Odors

Does it smell like you have bad odors coming out of your air registers? If you think that you have an odor problem that is linked into your air duct system, you obviously want to take care of it as soon as possible. Odors can start out mild and then become worse and worse over time. Unfortunately, this often means that the homeowner might take longer to notice the small. You can become used to smell, and not realize how bad it is.