Does Your AC Appliance Have A Freon Leak? 4 Indicators

As the summer season sets in, you'll need to look into your AC's performance. An assessment of the unit's condition is vital for detecting malfunctions such as Freon or refrigerant leaks early. Normally, your air conditioner's Freon is constantly pressurized, and the lines carrying it degrade over time. If the lines leak, the coolant will deplete gradually, causing a ripple effect on other components. Having the leak fixed in time is crucial, owing to the refrigerant's vital role in the cooling system.

How Investing In Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Pay Off

It is recommended that homeowners have their air conditioning units professionally serviced and maintained one to two times per year. However, you may find yourself wondering if it is really worth investing in air conditioning maintenance or if it is something that you may be able to prolong or put off. Air conditioning maintenance is an investment that can pay off in the long run and may help you save money.

Is Your Furnace Plenum Thermostat Or Limit Switch Tripping Excessively? 4 Possible Causes

During winter, you heavily rely on your furnace to warm up your house. However, some parts of a furnace may malfunction, rendering the unit inefficient and inoperable. You should reset your high limit switch if it trips once when the furnace is in operation. The switch may continue to trip despite constantly resetting it, indicating that the furnace is defective. If this persists, you should hire a furnace repair expert to inspect and repair it.

HVAC Services: 3 Crucial Tips On Maintaining Your Heating System

The heating unit keeps your home warm and comfortable during the cold winters. However, most systems cannot meet their heat demand efficiently because of issues with their heating units. Most heat loss happens during heat transmission or from poor ductwork and ventilation. Proper maintenance is crucial if you want to maintain the efficiency of your heating system. Here are three critical tips for system maintenance. Assess the Heating Unit Regularly

4 Common Heating Problems That Show It Is Time To Install A New Heating System

Nothing beats the comfort of having a well-functioning heating system in your home during cold days. Unfortunately, many homeowners think about their heating systems after a breakdown. Generally, you have a chance to prevent complete breakdown if you uncover issues on time and call the technicians to repair the system. However, some heating system problems might signal it is time to install a new system, as highlighted below. 1. Temperature Control Issues