Mold In Air Conditioner: Causes And Signs

Mold in your air conditioner (AC) is bad news for three main reasons. First, mold can cause respiratory illnesses in your household. Secondly, mold can cause structural damage. Lastly, mold is a sign of a deeper problem in the house. Below are some causes and signs of AC mold. Causes  Mold thrives on wet organic matter. Below are things and circumstances that encourage AC mold. Water Leaks The AC extracts moisture from the air as part of its cooling process.

An Overview Of Programmable Thermostat Problems

The thermostat is a critical part of an air conditioner (AC). The thermostat allows you to switch the AC on and off and program the AC for automatic cooling. Thus, a malfunctioning thermostat will affect your AC's cooling and energy efficiency. You might even think that your AC has malfunctioned. Below are examples of thermostat problems and their potential causes. The Room Temperature and Thermostat Setting Don't Match The thermostat should read the room temperature and control the AC to produce the necessary cooling until the room temperature matches the thermostat's temperature setting.

Aging Furnace? 3 Problems To Watch Out For

If your purchase is getting some age on it, you need to watch out for problems. Some issues can be taken care of to keep your furnace longer. Keep reading to learn more about this so you will know what to do. Problems with Thermostat If you are getting no heat in your home, the problem could be with the thermostat. First, check the batteries and change them if they are older.

When Should You Ask For Heating Services?

Paying for heating services is a great way to take care of one of the most important systems in your home. You might wonder if you need to contact a technician right now, though. Homeowners should ask about heating system services at these four times. In the Early Fall Ideally, you should have a technician visit early enough in the fall that the weather hasn't turned cold yet. They can do simple work like using a boroscope to check that the burners are still clean.

AC Maintenance Tips For Dusty, Dry Climates

Taking good care of your air conditioner will extend its life and ensure it continues to help cool off your home effectively. However, the care your air conditioner needs may depend, in part, on the type of climate you live in. If you live in an area that is quite dry and dusty, here are some key tips to help you better maintain your AC system.  Hose the condenser cage off regularly.