Signs Your Furnace Needs A New Blower Motor

The blower motor is a very important part of your furnace. It drives the fan that blows the heated air into your ducts so that the air can circulate through your home and warm your space. Sometimes, a blower motor will start to fail before the rest of your furnace. In this case, an HVAC contractor can typically replace the blower motor. So, what are some signs your blower motor might need to be replaced soon?

Loud Noises While your Furnace is Working

When your furnace is on and blowing air, pay attention to the sounds it makes. A normal, functioning furnace may make a click when it turns on, and then all you'll hear is the sound of air blowing through the ducts. If you hear banging, clanging, or grinding when the furnace is operating, that points to an issue with your blower motor. A part may be broken or worn, causing it to bang against or rub against another part. You're best off having the blower motor replaced before it fails completely.

Lower Air Flow Through Some Vents

Put your hand in front of a few different vents when your furnace is operating. You should feel about the same amount of airflow from each vent. If one or more vents feel like they barely have any air coming through them, that could point to an issue with your blower motor. It may not be powerful enough, which is causing it to blow less air through the ducts than it should. A furnace repair contractor can take a look and replace the blower motor if needed. They'll probably also check your ducts for obstructions as a lack of airflow can indicate there's something caught in your ducts.

Your Furnace Turning On and Off Quickly

If your furnace is turning on and off quickly and repeatedly, that behavior is known as short-cycling. It can be an indicator of any number of furnace issues, but one of the more common explanations for the behavior is issues with your blower motor. The motor may be overheating and causing the furnace to turn off as a safety measure. Your HVAC contractor should pretty quickly be able to tell whether you have a blower motor problem or something else.

If your furnace is displaying any of the behaviors above, you may need a new blower motor. Most HVAC companies perform this furnace repair quite often and should be able to help.