An Overview Of Programmable Thermostat Problems

The thermostat is a critical part of an air conditioner (AC). The thermostat allows you to switch the AC on and off and program the AC for automatic cooling. Thus, a malfunctioning thermostat will affect your AC's cooling and energy efficiency. You might even think that your AC has malfunctioned.

Below are examples of thermostat problems and their potential causes.

The Room Temperature and Thermostat Setting Don't Match

The thermostat should read the room temperature and control the AC to produce the necessary cooling until the room temperature matches the thermostat's temperature setting. After that, the AC switches off until the temperature rises again. However, the thermostat might malfunction and keep the AC running even if the room is already cool.

Alternatively, the AC might keep off even if the room is hot. Thermostat malfunctions, setting, and placement issues can all cause such problems. An example is if you have a heat generator near the thermostat, and it's reading a falsely high temperature. A similar problem might arise due to incorrect thermostat calibration.

The Display Is Erratic

The thermostat's display shows the set temperature and allows relevant adjustments. An erratic display is a problem, especially when setting the temperature. Inadequate power supply, for example, from low batteries, is a common cause of erratic displays. Thus, the same problems that cause the thermostat to keep switching off might cause erratic displays.

The Thermostat Is Off

The thermostat is an electronic device that requires electrical power to operate. The thermostat will switch off if it doesn't have the power to run. That might be the case if the thermostat's batteries are dead, your house has a power blackout, or something has tripped the circuit breaker.

A thermostat might also switch and stay off if you don't program it appropriately. Say the thermostat operates on a 24-hour clock, but you set it as if it uses a 12-hour clock. Maybe you accidentally set the thermostat to vacation mode.

The Thermostat Keeps Switching Off

Intermittent power issues might cause the thermostat to keep switching on and off. That might be the case if the thermostat's electrical contacts have dust or soot buildups. Loose electrical connections, for example, in aging thermostats, can also cause the same problem. You should also check your house's power supply for voltage fluctuations.

A cursory assessment of the thermostat should tell you whether it has battery or power issues, for example, from a tripped circuit breaker. The problem requires a professional's intervention if power issues are not the problem. Contact a local AC repair company for more info.