Cooling Services: 4 Ways Of Correcting Uneven Cooling In Your Home

It can be frustrating if your AC is not providing consistent cooling in your house. This can be due to malfunctioning, which causes the temperatures to vary across rooms, from upstairs to downstairs. Therefore, you should engage an AC expert to diagnose your air conditioner and remedy the underlying problem for comfortable temperatures throughout your premise. The following are ways to rectify uneven cooling.

Clean Supply Vents 

Vents over time may clog with contaminants, resulting in uneven cooling. This could be due to clogged air filters that facilitate the passage of airborne particulates in the AC, which accumulate around the vents. Moreover, holes in the ductwork can create negative air pressure, drawing dust on the vents. Thus, you should inspect all vents for dust and other obstructions and clear them for seamless airflow. Additionally, you should install a magnetic vent cover to direct airflow in a certain direction if you wish to limit airflow.

Change The Fan Settings

You will experience inconsistent home temperatures if you incorrectly set the fan. This is because the fan will only run in the AUTO position during the cooling cycles. On the other hand, the fan will continue to run and circulate air when in the ON setting, even if the AC is off. Although you might save on energy costs by changing the fan to AUTO, running the fan constantly will help you keep even temperatures in your house.

Seal Your Ductwork

Since the ducts are frequented with temperature and pressure variations, they are prone to damage. The ductwork will repeatedly expand and contract, causing them to tear and leak cool air. Moreover, aging ductwork may leak, causing air to escape to the unconditioned spaces. If you hear loud humming noises as your AC is operating, it could have leaks. Thus, it is crucial you hire an AC technician to seal loose connections and holes in your ducts to prevent air leaks for even cooling.

Increasing Insulation

If multiple areas in your home lack enough insulation, you will experience uneven cooling. This is because the hot air from the outside will enter your house, canceling the cooling effect. Therefore, you should contact a cooling system service specialist for your home's insulation to enjoy the comfort of cool air within your house.

A properly serviced AC unit will deliver proper airflow and even cooling across your home. Thus, you should schedule regular AC tune-ups to ensure your system delivers consistent comfort throughout your space.

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