Dealing With An Air Conditioner That Doesn't Get Cold

Did you notice that your air conditioner has remained at the same temperature after running it for a long time? When an air conditioner is in such a condition, pinpointing the root of the problem can be a complicated task. One of the reasons why is because when an air conditioner stops getting as cold as it should, there could be several parts of the system that might be the problem. Attempting to make a repair on your own is not a good idea because you might end up wasting money on replacing parts that are still in good shape. The best way to find out why your air conditioner isn't getting cold and what should be repaired is to get the system inspected by an HVAC technician.

What Should Be Inspected?

When it comes to an air conditioner not getting cold, several parts of the system will need to be inspected. For instance, the condenser coil should be inspected to ensure that warm air is able to escape the house. The evaporator coil should also be inspected because it is vital for cooling air down as it travels through the air ducts. A technician might also check the coolant level of your system, such as the amount of water and antifreeze. Sometimes the only thing that is preventing an air conditioner from getting cold is the filter, so it should be inspected as well.

Is Dirt a Problem for an Air Conditioning System?

Dirt can cause a lot of problems for an air conditioning system when it accumulates in large amounts. It is wise for a homeowner to get the system cleaned every now and then by a professional to make sure the task is done in a thorough manner. For example, it might be easy for a homeowner to clean the air filter, but cleaning the air ducts is a more complicated task that requires professional skills. The coils should also be cleaned, and it is a task that might not be easy for a homeowner to tackle on his or her own. It is important to make sure dirty parts are thoroughly cleaned because dirt can interfere with air circulating and prevent it from getting as cold as it should.

What Does an Air Conditioner Repair Cost?

The cost of an air conditioner repair depends on what is being repaired and who is hired. For example, if there is a major part that needs a repair, a homeowner might have to pay over a hundred dollars and up. A good way to find out what your air conditioner will cost to repair is to contact an HVAC technician. Contact someone in your area for a quote on residential air conditioning services.