Solutions For Adding Air Conditioning To Areas In Your Home That Do Not Have It

Homes that are constructed with air conditioning systems may have some areas that did not need cooling when the builder put the system in place. Installing an entirely new air conditioning system in your home to add these spaces might not be in your budget, but some options could solve your problem at a reasonable price. 

Check The Current System Capacity

In some situations, the current air conditioning system in the home may handle the additional cooling needs, but you will need to have an air conditioning professional come and look at the unit for you. In many cases, the system is too small because when the AC installation was completed, the home had less space being used as living space. 

If the air conditioning system in the house can be expanded, you will need an air conditioning installation company to come and add additional ductwork to the areas you want to add. That can mean a lot of labor and the potential need to open walls or ceilings to make connections to the existing system. 

While this may work, it may not be the most cost-effective way to add cooling to other parts of your home. Sometimes the installation of a standalone AC unit is a better option for the space. 

Mini-Split AC Units

One of the most straightforward AC installations for spaces like an addition or a converted room above the garage in your home is installing a mini-split AC unit in the room. Like the air conditioning system in your home, these units used a heat pump or condenser outside the space but have a dedicated head unit inside that is connected to the condenser with two hoses. 

There is no ductwork needed for the system, and they are very efficient when you use the right size of system. The AC installation company you use can put one in for the new space in a few hours. 

These air conditioning units have a dedicated thermostat and are independent of the existing AC system in your home, so there is no additional strain on the system. Additionally, if no one is using the space the mini-split is installed in, you can shut it off to save energy and reduce your monthly electric bill. 

Many of these systems also have heating capability, so as the weather transitions from warm to cold, you can change the system's function and keep the space warm all winter long if you need to. For an in-law apartment or maybe a home office, this can be a great solution that is cheaper to install than a new AC installation for your whole house, and in the long run, it offers more flexibility and cost savings. 

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