What Types Of Things Will An AC Technician Do When Performing An Inspection?

To make sure that your air conditioning unit is ready for summer, you might be planning on having an inspection done. You might be curious about what your air conditioning technician will do during this inspection. Here are some of the types of things that are typically done during the inspection process.

Checking the Moving Parts

Your air conditioning unit has various moving parts, including the motor and the fan. If these moving parts become damaged, then your unit might not function as it is supposed to, and other parts could even become damaged. In some cases, moving parts might not be able to move properly because debris might be in the way; this is a situation that can and should be resolved pretty quickly and easily. Luckily, professional air conditioning technicians typically check the moving parts on their customers' units when performing inspections.

Checking the Lines

There are various lines that run to and from your air conditioning unit, such as drain lines, return lines, and supply lines. It's important for all of these different lines to be in good condition, without any cracks or holes. Additionally, liquids should be able to move through them freely without any clogs. An air conditioning technician will check all of your lines, and if necessary, they will clean them out or replace them.

Checking the Refrigerant Levels

If your air conditioning unit does not have enough refrigerant, it will not be able to cool properly. A maintenance technician can check the refrigerant levels, and if necessary, they can add more. Be aware that a special license is typically needed in order to add refrigerant to an air conditioning unit, so this is definitely something you'll want to hire a professional to do.

Checking the Connections

Lastly, an air conditioning maintenance technician can check the connections of your air conditioning unit. If necessary, they can tighten up connections or replace connectors or fasteners to ensure that all of your unit's parts and components are connected as they are supposed to be.

One reason why it's typically best to hire a professional to help with your air conditioning inspection is that everything should be checked over carefully. These are a few of the things that a good air conditioning maintenance technician should look at and do when performing this inspection. As you can probably imagine, if the inspection is done properly, this is a good way to make sure that your unit is in good condition. contact an air conditioning service for more information.