Typical Problems With Forced-Air Electric Heat Systems

Forced-air electric heat systems are perhaps one of the most common types of home heating systems in use today. These basic units are designed to force air through the system and past heating elements to carry the generated heat out through the vents in the house. While simplistic in form and function, these systems can have a list of issues, especially as the systems get older and near the end of their service lives. Here is a brief look at some of the reasons you may have to call for heating system repair with your forced-air electric heat system. 

Heating Element Failure

Most forced-air heating systems have multiple heating elements inside. These elements are directly connected to electricity and heat up to generate heat. If one or more of the elements go out, you will notice: 

  • Your heat system not kicking off as it should 
  • The heat coming from your vents being cooler or not warmed at all 
  • An uptick in the costs of your electric bill

Of all the problems that can come along with forced-air heat systems, failed heating elements can be the most common. 

Fan Motor Problems 

The blower systems of a forced-air heat system can be one of the largest components of the full system. These fans are designed to push air through the system, past the elements, and into the house. Therefore, if there are issues with the fan, you will see an immediate difference in how your electric heat system sounds and how it heats your home. The fan motor can completely fail, but it is more common for small issues to be present that a heating system repair professional can easily tend to. 

Ventilation System Issues 

Although not quite as common, some forced-air heat systems can develop issues due to the ventilation setup. These systems rely on air being pulled in through a return vent and then recirculated through ducts to the outlet vents. If there is a blockage, it can restrict airflow or make the system far less efficient. For example, if the return vent becomes blocked, it will naturally mean you have restricted airflow through the system. 

Electrical Problems 

Electrical heating systems are naturally more prone to electrical problems because more parts rely on this form of power to operate. The smallest issue with a wired connection can make your system unusable. For instance, if you have a faulty connection between the fan motor and the main power circuit, the fan will not work to force heat through the house.