Is It Possible To Tell When Your Heating System Needs A Replacement? Find Out

Fall is already here, and after this season, the cold will set in. The ideal time to check the condition of your heating system is now, before the winter sets in. When you ignore making the maintenance checks when it is still warm, you are risking having a very cold and uncomfortable winter. Most of the time, homeowners call in a heating repair expert with the hope that their current system will be tuned up to improve their performance. However, you should also consider the possibility that the unit has gotten damages that are beyond repair and start figuring out how to make the repairs. 

Here are three ways you can tell that your heating system has done its time and needs a complete replacement.

When the SEER Rating Goes Down

The SEER rating is what determines how efficient your heating unit works. When the unit is new, the rating will be 14 and above. As the years go by, the rating drops. You can manage to squeeze a few more years into a unit that has a SEER rating of more than ten. However, the moment that it drops to eight, it means that you will be facing more inconveniences than convenience when using the system. 

If your unit is older than eight years, call in a heating expert to assess it. If they determine that the SEER rating has fallen below the recommended threshold, replace the unit with a newer and better model.

When the Cold Spots Will Not End

Another way you can tell that your heating unit is approaching the end of its useful life is the presence of endless cold spots inside the house. Normally, the house should warm up evenly, provided that you have set the thermostat to the right temperature. 

However, if this is not happening, and there are places that still have pockets of cold air, consider replacing the heating unit.

When the Energy Bill Keeps Going Up

The other common complication with inefficient heating units is that they require twice as much energy as other units to raise the temperature of the house to the level you need it. This results in higher energy bills and endless heating costs.

Investing in a new heating unit will save you the recurrent expenditure of excessively high energy bills.

Remember to call in a professional heating expert to help you check the condition of your heating unit. They will recommend the best heating replacement to keep your house warm.