The Ductless AC Installation Guide For Zoned Cooling And Multiple Systems

Today, the options for energy-efficient AC systems go beyond typical HVAC systems. There are also options for ductless AC that can give your entire home the energy-efficient cooling you are looking for.

Modern ductless AC systems can even be used for a zoned cooling design. This can be done with a mini-split system or multiple systems, depending on the needs of your home. In addition, there are also options for heat pumps with your new ductless HVAC. The following ductless AC installation guide will help you with zoned cooling for your home:

Heat Pump Options for More Than Just Cooling

If you need a complete heating and cooling solution, heat pumps may be the answer for your home. When you want to have more than just cooling, the heat pump will provide your home with heating. These systems work well in the south and areas with milder winter weather. If you live in a northern climate, you may need an additional heating system for when the weather gets really cold.

Where and When to Use a Single Ductless AC

Sometimes, you are not going to need anything more than a single unit. This is something that you will want to consider if you want to add AC to an addition, basement, or other space in your home. These systems are ideal for adding cooling to these spaces but may not be the right solution to cool your entire home.

Mini-Split Systems for Better Zoned Cooling

Another option is mini-split systems that provide cooling to different areas. These systems use one AC condensing unit or heat pump. Inside your home, the mini-split system will provide heating to different areas with separate air handler controls.

Multiple AC Systems for Complete Zoned AC

There are also solutions that you may want to consider with multiple systems. Using several ductless AC systems will provide you with many benefits. The different systems will allow you to use them jointly or independently when needed. This can improve the energy performance of your home, as well as allow you to have a zoned AC design if mini-split systems are not enough for your home's cooling needs.

These are some of the zoned cooling improvements that will help with the cooling needs of your home with ductless AC. When you are ready to update your home with a modern system, contact an air conditioning installation service and talk to them about zoned ductless HVAC for your home.