Why Your Furnace Doesn't Turn On

When you feel a nip in the air as winter approaches, it's time to think about turning on the furnace. However, you may turn on your furnace and instead of the heat kicking on and making your house cozy, the furnace doesn't start. There could be many reasons for a furnace not starting. Here are some of them.

The Furnace May Not Have Power Or Gas

If it's been a while since your furnace has been on, you'll want to check the gas supply, electrical panel, control switch, pilot light, and thermostat. If you only use propane for the furnace, it's possible the tank is empty, or if you have natural gas, the valve may be turned off. Thermostat problems are also common, and your furnace may not work properly if the battery in your thermostat is bad or if the thermostat has loose wiring. If all the connections seem fine, the thermostat has the right settings, and power is being supplied to the furnace, then it's time to check the filter.

The Filter Might Be Clogged

When the filter is clogged up, the furnace may start initially, but cycle off before your house warms up. This happens when there is restricted airflow and the furnace shuts off as a safety mechanism. Your furnace may go through a series of starts and stops before it shuts down completely. Change the filter to see if this corrects the problem. If not, call a furnace repair company to give you a hand. If the filter was clogged with dust, it's possible internal parts of your furnace are dirty and need to be cleaned by a professional.

Parts Are Malfunctioning

A dirty and grimy furnace can cause a number of problems that keep a gas furnace from igniting or keep a blower from working. Cleaning is all that's needed sometimes, but other times, your furnace needs to be repaired. Parts can get worn down due to age or constant use. Some furnace repairs that might need to be done include working on the control panel and electronics in the system or fixing problems with the blower motor. A furnace repair person will check your entire system to find the source of the problem and check for other issues so your furnace is in good repair for a long winter.

While you can call for furnace repairs any time you have a problem, you should also call for a service check before you have to turn your furnace on for the winter. This ensures your furnace is ready for the first cold day when you turn on the thermostat and need warm air to make your home comfortable.