Beyond Heating Maintenance: 4 Home Improvements To Invest In And Reduce Your Heating Costs This Winter

During the winter months, air leaks and energy loss can cause you to spend more on heating. Part of keeping your heating costs down is routine maintenance to your heating system, but there are other things that can be done to help reduce energy loss and heat costs. Here are some home improvements that will help reduce your heating costs this winter:

1. Sealing Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors That Cause Energy Loss

The windows and doors in your home are areas where you have the most air leaks and energy loss. Therefore, maintaining your windows and doors are important, and you should routinely inspect seals and weather stripping for damage. In addition to weather stripping, older windows may have old, thing glass that can be improved with films to reduce thermal transfer or poor insulation between the window casing and structural framing that can be improved by simply adding batten insulation to the void.

2. Improvements for Ducts and Stopping Energy Loss from Damaged Ductwork

The ductwork of HVAC systems can have air leaks due to outdated or damaged materials. If you have older ductwork, you may want to talk with a heating repair service about updating the insulation to reduce energy loss. In addition, it is important to do a routine inspection of ductwork that can easily be damaged, such as in a crawl space or attic and do repairs when needed to stop air leaks and energy loss.

3. Improving Insulation in Areas Like Crawl Spaces, Attics, Basements and Additions

The insulation in your home is important to provide a thermal barrier and reduce heat loss. You can start with insulation improvements in the attic, where inefficient insulation can literally cause your heating costs to go through the roof. In addition to attics, other areas of your home that could probably use insulation updates include crawl spaces that are not encapsulated, basements with poor exterior insulation and home additions like all-seasons rooms or patio enclosures that are often uninsulated.

4. Routine Maintenance and Upgrades to Improve HVAC Efficiency and Reduce Heating Costs

You do not want to overlook the HVAC system when doing home improvements to reduce heating costs. While some upgrades to HVAC systems can be costly, there are some simple things you can do to improve heating efficiency. You can start by doing regular maintenance and having your system serviced before winter weather arrives. In addition, you may want to consider improvements like updating to programmable or smart thermostats to improve the efficiency of your heating.

These are some home improvements that will help reduce your heating costs this winter. If you need help with repairs and improvements to your heating, contact a furnace cleaning service, like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc , to help with cleaning your heating system to reduce wear and improve energy efficiency.