Air Conditioning Components That Need More TLC When You Have Pets

Pet hair can affect various components of your HVAC system if you aren't careful. As a pet owner, you might have noticed that pet hair can find its way into the strangest of places, such as behind the refrigerator or in between the couch cushions. Likewise, pet hair can also get into various parts of your HVAC system. These parts need a bit of extra TLC when you have pets if you want to prevent them from becoming damaged and if you want to improve indoor air quality within your home.

1. Filters

You probably already know that your HVAC system's filters are important. If you don't clean or replace them frequently enough, you have to worry about them becoming clogged and preventing proper airflow into your unit. Plus, changing your filters often also helps you and your family to enjoy better indoor air quality. If you have pets, you may need to change your filters more frequently, since this will help get rid of pet hair clogs that could prevent your unit from running efficiently. Plus, by changing your filters often, you can enjoy fresher indoor air without worrying as much about pet dander.

2. Ducts

Duct cleaning is something that should be done every few years in order to ensure that your ductwork is clean and that your air conditioning system isn't pushing dirt and debris through the vents in your home. Pet hair can easily get into the vents, so it's smart to ask your HVAC professional to check to see if you need duct cleaning. Then, you can get rid of any pet hair -- as well as anything else -- that might be stuck down in your vents.

3. Inside Parts

Some of the interior parts of your HVAC unit may also need additional care due to your pets and their hair. For example, evaporator coils can become clogged up with pet hair, causing your unit to run inefficiently. It's important to have your unit checked by an HVAC professional each year anyway, but it's particularly essential to have it inspected and cleaned regularly when you have pets. Then, your HVAC technician can get rid of any pet hair or other debris that might be clogging up your HVAC unit's interior parts.

As you can see, if you are a pet owner, it's important to give your HVAC unit a bit of extra attention. Luckily, a local HVAC technician should be able to assist you every step of the way.