Making Do With Window AC Units: A Guide For Homeowners

It's no secret that central air conditioning is easier to operate and more effective than window air conditioning units. However, central air is not an option for everyone. If you have to make do with window air conditioning units, follow these tips to cool your home more effectively and less expensively

Make sure the units are properly "sealed" into the window.

If there are gaps between the AC unit and your window, all of your cold air is just going to seep outside. Make sure you extend the side pieces of your AC unit fully to block the gaps between the unit and the window. If the side pieces don't fully cover the space, use some rope caulk to further fill the gaps. Even a strip or two of duct tape is better than nothing.

Set up a fan in front of your AC unit.

Place a low stool in front of your AC unit, and set a box fan on top of the stool. The fan will propel the cooled air further into your room, ensuring it becomes more evenly dispersed. Using this strategy, you should be able to cool a larger room with your AC unit. You could also use this method to cool several rooms with the same unit. For instance, opening the door between your hallway and bedroom and setting the fan up in front of the AC unit can help propel the cool air into the hallway, too.

Change or clean the  filter.

Many window AC units have a washable filter that you're meant to remove and wash every month or two. If you neglect to do this (as many homeowners do), your AC unit will have to work a lot harder to push air through the clogged filter. As a result, your home won't get as cool, and your energy bills will be a lot higher. Keep up with removing and cleaning the filter each month. Just rinse it off in the sink, let it dry, and slide it back into place. If your unit has disposable filters instead, take one to your local hardware store to ensure you buy more of the same size. Purchase a few months' worth at the same time so you have them on hand and don't forget to keep changing them.

Use your exhaust fans.

Whenever you take a shower or cook in the kitchen, turn on the exhaust fans. Window AC units work, in part, by removing humidity from the air. If you don't turn on the exhaust fan, your AC unit will have to work extra hard to remove the humidity that the exhaust fan is really meant to remove, leading to increased energy bills and a home that feels warmer.

If you follow the tips above, you can cool a home efficiently and effectively using just window AC units. For more information, contact specialists in air conditioning installation services.