How To Improve Your Heating And AC Air Quality

The quality of the air pumping throughout your house is obviously important, especially if you suffer from allergies. If your HVAC system is not filtering properly, your allergies could get worse. At the same time, it could increase dust in your house. Of course, dust in your ducts can eventually lead to clogged air registers. So, you obviously want to keep your HVAC filtering system in top shape at all times. This article explains 2 basic maintenance tasks that will contribute to cleaner air in your home.

Change Your Furnace Filter

The quickest and most important step is to change your furnace filter. The filter is easy to locate, but you must first turn off the power to your furnace. Once the power is shut down, you can open the main door to the filter cabinet. The filter is located between the cabinet wall and the main output duct. It is quite large, so it is easy to see. It slides right out of the channels... no tools are needed.

After you remove the filter, you should thoroughly clean the first section of the duct. If the filter was very old or improperly installed, there is a good chance that dust can get into the ducts. A hose vacuum with a brush attachment will work the best. Filters are cheap and easy to find, so you should probably install a new one. You should check your filter every few month and replace it whenever it becomes dirty.

Clean Out the Fan on Your Condenser Unit

The condenser unit on the outside of your house is also an area where dirt and dust can get into your home. The large fan on the condenser is largely exposed to the elements. The bird guard keeps out large leaves and animals, but dirt can definitely get in. This is why it is a good idea to clean out your condenser fan once every year or two. Simply remove the bird guard with a cordless power drill.  Using a hose vacuum, you can suck up all the dirt from the bottom of the fan compartment. You should also vacuum off the fan blades. Pay close attention to the opening in the compartment where the output hose is attached.

These simple maintenance tasks should probably be done once a year to ensure that the air being pumped into your house is as clean as possible. Contact a business, such as Allzone Air Conditioning & Heating Corp, for more information.